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The Starmark Treat Dispensing Tetraflex

The perfect product to keep active dogs happy and busy….

Over the last twelve months, I have been feeding my dog Casey using the Starmark treat ball as a kibble dispenser for all his meals. He is an active two-year-old Brittany Spaniel, and was driving me crazy begging for my food at meal times. He loves this amazing product so much, that he will hardly even eat food out of a typical dog bowl anymore.

Casey weighs 60 pounds, and I give him two balls of kibble in the morning and two in the evening. I use the medium size that I guesstimate holds approximately one cup of kibble. The Tetraflex is available in three sizes, one smaller and one larger, so you can use it for most any sized dog. It is an amazing product that provides not only oral stimulation, but also mental and physical exercise as your dog rolls it around the house or yard with his or her nose and paws. It generally takes five to ten minutes to finish a ball, and your dog will carry it to you to ask for seconds!

Why is the Tetraflex so special? Unlike Kong products which are made of a hard rubber material and are rounded, the Starmark product is polyhedral with a “dimpled” surface that flexes slightly when a dog grabs it with his or her mouth. It has enough “give” so that your dog can pick it up and bring it to you to start the feeding routine. My dog will occasionally chew the ball for a few minutes, but has never destroyed one. Casey absolutely loves it the morning when I say, “Go get the ball”

The bottom line is that I think that the Tetraflex is one of the most useful and fun canine products I have ever seen. Get one today! Tell them Casey sent you.

Michael Sterns, DVM
4Paws Mobile Veterinary Services

Dr. Sterns is a House Call Veterinarian. He practices on The Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose, California.

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