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We provide vaccinations for your cats and dogs straight to your home
4Paws Mobile Veterinary Services offers all recommended vaccinations for your cats and dogs straight to your home. When we meet for our visit, the Veterinarian will ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle and talk with you about different vaccination options. More outdoorsy animals are often be exposed to a wider variety of pathogens, which may mean that we suggest a more comprehensive vaccination schedule. If your pet is in regular contact with other animals in a boarding kennel or at a dog park, there are other concerns that can be addressed through vaccinations as well.

Additionally, some diseases will make the rounds through California only during a specific season or every few years, necessitating additional specialized vaccines. Similar to human flu epidemics, there are a few contagious infections that pets can catch that may lead to emergency clinic visits, expensive treatments and potentially the passing of your pet. Many life-threatening conditions in pets can be easily prevented by getting them regularly vaccinated.
Vaccinating your pets is important not only for their health but also potentially the owner’s wellbeing. Some viruses and parasites can be spread from cats or dogs to humans, such as Rabies.

If you do choose not to vaccinate, or you need to prepare for foreign travel with your pet, we can perform the Rabies titer (FAVN). If you’re traveling nationally or abroad, we can prepare domestic Health Certificates, and have partnered with a local clinic to provide International Health Certificates. 4Paws is also the first mobile practice to offer the 3-year feline (PureVax) Rabies vaccine.

Mobile Pet Vaccinations

4Paws Mobile Veterinary Services is proud to offer mobile pet vaccinations in Hillsborough, Redwood City, Los Altos, Woodside, Palo Alto, Menlo Park and the surrounding communities.
4Paws Mobile Veterinary Services is a mobile veterinary team performing house calls for cats and dogs in Hillsborough, Redwood City, Palo Alto, and the surrounding areas.
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