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What to Consider When Finding Senior Pet Care in Palo Alto

As a pet owner in Palo Alto, you know how strong the bond can be between humans and their furry companions.

We love to take our dogs everywhere with us in this city, and cats are often treated just a bit like the royalty they think they are. We don’t just get them groomed, we take them in for spa days and the whole nine yards. So when your pet starts to slow down as they age, you know how important it is to find the right senior pet care in Palo Alto, CA.


Maybe your sweet older cat has developed chronic kidney disease, has been losing weight and is using the litter box all the time these days. It’s common in about 30% of senior cats, making it an unsurprising but difficult to watch as a loving pet owner. The good news is that cats can live for years with chronic kidney disease with the right kind of symptom management. Finding a Veterinarian in the Palo Alto area that specializes in senior pet care is crucial for your cat’s comfort and happiness in their golden years.

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The Ins & Outs of Senior Pet Care

Perhaps it’s your old faithful Beagle who’s suddenly been diagnosed with cancer, a mast cell tumor in their intestine. It’s tough to see your once exuberant pet begin to lose their appetite, their energy, their entire way of being. It’s important to find a Veterinarian specializing in senior pet care in the Palo Alto area who can help them regain some of that joy for life. With appropriate treatments, surgeries where applicable, and symptom management, you may not have to say goodbye to your cherished companion for quite a while.

Maybe it’s a high bar, but your pet’s vet should love them nearly as much as you do, treating every animal they see like their own. And with a Mobile Veterinarian, you can get your pet all the medical care they need in the comfort of your own home. Combining this love of pets with the ability to avoid the cold, clinical office environment is what sets in-home veterinary practices apart. Just because your pet’s health issues might be getting a bit more complicated with age doesn’t mean they suddenly have to be at a clinic that makes them unhappy constantly. If you have any questions about the types of senior pet care services we provide in Palo alto, feel free to give us a call at 4 Paws Mobile Veterinary Services.

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