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Mobile Pet Vaccine Clinic South Bay

As a responsible pet parent, it is up to you to do your pets to safeguard your companion against potentially devastating diseases. Having your pet fully vaccinated is a safe and effective way to do just that. Vaccines are cost-effective, have minimal risk of side effects, and do a great job of protecting pets from potentially deadly diseases. 

Whether you have recently brought home a brand-new kitten or puppy or you have an older pet with an unknown vaccination record, getting them started on a vaccine schedule right away is important. Taking your pet to a traditional vet’s office is time-consuming, and it is often a stressful endeavor. At 4 Paws Mobile Veterinary Services, we understand and are here to help. As a mobile pet vaccine clinic for South Bay area pets, we come directly to your home to administer the injections your pet needs to remain happy and healthy. 



Recommended Pet Vaccines

Puppies and kittens are typically started on vaccine schedules when they are 8 to 12 weeks old, but some vaccines can be given to pets as young as 6 weeks old. Their first shots are given in a series over the course of a few months, and then they need booster shots annually or every three years (depending on the type of vaccine administered) throughout their lives. Under California law, all dogs over the age of three months must be vaccinated against rabies. We also recommend several core vaccines for all pets along with lifestyle vaccines for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors, travel frequently, stay in boarding facilities, etc. 

When we come to your home to vaccinate your pet, we will ask you several questions to determine which shots your pet needs. Providing us with honest information will help us gauge your pet’s risk factors and allow us to recommend the vaccines that will benefit them most. 

Mobile Pet Vaccine Clinic South Bay


As a mobile pet vaccine clinic for South Bay area pets, we serve South San Francisco, San Jose, Los Altos, and the surrounding communities. Our mobile services are convenient and less stressful for both you and your pet. Please contact us today to take control of your pet’s health by getting them vaccinated. 


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Mobile Pet Vaccine Clinic San Jose

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